Quay Trip

When it came to taking the girls to the quay this summer term, I knew I wanted to organise the trip. The quay in my city is a really beautiful area that I love to spend time at. I created three pages of activity sheets for the girls to complete as we went for our walk around. I ended up spending quite a lot of time on this, involving me going to the

I ended up spending quite a lot of time on this, involving me going to the quay a couple of times. Page one was what needed the most work, at the quay I took some pictures from obscure angles for them to work out what was, and answer questions relating to. Page two was a checklist to tick off if they have seen things such as a paddleboat, a black dog, a person with a buggy, etc and tagged onto the bottom of that was random questions such as ‘name three types of birds you have seen’. Page three was a free for all, it was split into four sections titled “three different shape leaves”, “ice cream”, “a bird”, and “a bridge” which they had to draw.

The evening ended up being a lot of fun. There were some disputes from the girls, such as “But I’ve seen a dog surely it counts,” / “it says a black dog, that dog is white” and “Why would there be an umbrella in the sun?” / “Look over the tables” but they seemed to enjoy the scavenger hunt of different activities.



Adventure Park Trip

Getting the opportunity to visit the Adventure park I work at with Guiding was always going to be wonderful. I love my place of work, the rides, the indoor play, everything is great. We had it for the evening a few weeks back and I was there from the beginning to the end.

I arrived after getting a lift from the main leader at my Rainbow pack. This was only my second night of being with the Rainbows and I wasn’t completely confident with the younger age group. My confidence grew that evening as I went into the play area with them and one of them, girl L, took my hand and dragged me up some stairs to go down a slide with her. This, for me, was a defining moment in my ┬áRainbow’s journey, this was a moment when I thought that I could make it as a Rainbow leader.

The first two hours were for the rainbows and the second was shared with the Brownies, who then shared an hour with Guides and Senior Section. I went out to meet my Brownies with Brown Owl and we brought them in. When it was time, we let them loose in the play area. I was dragged around with them for a long time. My energy slowly got depleted by running around after a selection of 5-10 years old and I had to give myself a break. Brown Owl insisted that I didn’t have to go back in but I was having too much fun.

An hour after the Brownies arrived, the Rainbows left. I came out then to help gather them all up. Shoes, bags, coats, water bottles all gathered and the Rainbows were all safely deposited back to Mums and Dads. And there was another hour for the Brownies. At this point the Guides and Senior Section girls were added into the mix, so I divided my time between running around with Amie (who I know from Rangers and Rainbows), checking my Brownies were leaving anyone to go around on there own, and sitting down scavenging food off people because the park hadn’t opened the food area for me to buy any.

When the time came for the Brownies to go, I ran around to get them all gathered up. Once again it was a mess of shoes, coats, bags and water bottles, but we were quickly able to get them altogether. Once they were delivered back to parents, Brown Owl left as well as a parent was giving her a lift.

This left the last hour for me, Helen, Amie and other Ranger friends to have our fun in the indoor play. The adventure park’s indoor play area is designed for all ages and is fun for all ages. The slides are just as fun for those of us in our 20s as they are for the 5 year old Rainbows. By the end of the night – and after Helen had pushed me down a death slide – I was exhausted and glad for my bed. But all in all it was a brilliant night.