Phase One || Community Action Octant

One: Buy a Big Issue

For me, the Big Issue is an easy and important way someone can support people in their community. I approve of the message in their slogan – “A hand up, not a hand out” – and the way they help people get employment and stability. Because of this,  I buy the Big Issue on a semi-regular bases. I enjoy the articles and the fact that it gives you information about events in your area.

Two: Shop Independently

Within my city, there is a a feeling that we are going to turn into a clone city and because of this, it is important to me to support independent businesses, so they are not forced to close. The most regular ones I shop in are a comic book store called Final Frontier and a sweet shop called Mr Simms, on top of this,  I try to buy from the Farmer’s Market at least a couple times a month.

Three: Make a Facebook about CFS

I was diagnosed with  Chronic Fatigue syndrome around 10 years ago when I was 14. In that time  I’ve found that there is a lacking of support places for it online, because of this, I made a page on Facebook to raise awareness and give support to other sufferers. It can be found at


Phase One || Leadership Octant

One: Watch A TED Talk about Leadership

As guiding works to make sure that people know that ‘girls can’ I felt it important to learn more about the separation of genders in leadership positions. It is sad to know that every step of the way education, work and society in general view males in a more positive light. I am grateful to be volunteering within a community that works towards making sure young girls and young woman know that they are able to achieve things as long as they keep working.

Two: Visit another section

In order to gain more experience and knowledge regarding my journey within girl guiding, I wanted to look at another section and see the similarities and differences. For this I spent a couple of weeks at a Rainbow pack helping out a guider friend of mine. I enjoyed the evenings I spent with these packs, however I learnt that I am better suited to the slightly older girls that are within Brownies.

Three: Take my Brownies bowling.

As a part of my leadership qualification as a Guider for Brownies, I needed to arrange an activity and gather the finances for the activity. For this I organised for our girls to go bowling. This was somewhat stressful mostly because of the lack of cooperation from the local bowling alley, however once it was all organised and paid for the girls had a really great night.


Phase One || International Octant

One: Skype Anna in America

Anna is a friend of mine who I met through common interests through Tumblr. We, along with another friend of mine, became quite good friends. At times we would make videos and send too each other and eventually we decided we should actually skype each other and talk in real time. Although Anna is Swedish, when we skyped she was in America on an exchange visit. The talk was really lovely, and the daughter of her host family heard me and got very excited by my English accent.

Two: Try Polish Sweets.

In my city there are a number of Polish food shops and shops like this always interest me. They are the closest  I can currently get to experiencing other cultures because I can’t currently afford to travel. Through this I have tried several different sweets by Wawel. This continued when a friend of mine from Poland sent me a package with sweets in.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 23.33.07

Three: Receive Postcards from three different countries.

Due to having a number of penpals as well as friends who have been on holiday abroad, I have been able to get quite a collection of postcards from various locations, including different areas of Europe, America and Canada. The one shown below is from Korea where my friend Carina’s fiancé is from.


Phase One || Personal Values

One: Become an Organ Donor

Organ donation is something that has always been important to me. I want to be able to help people in anyway I can and if that can continue when I am no longer alive to witness then that’s even better. I was around 16 or 17 when I signed up, and since have had my donor card somewhere I can easily get to it,

Two: Sign a Petition

As an opinionated person, if an opportunity comes up to try and make a difference that is something I want to do. Over time I have signed a number of petitions, both in paper and online format. The most recent one I have signed was to try and get Tesco to stop selling eggs from caged hens. A link to the petition can be found here.

Three:  Vote in an Election.

Since before I even turned 18, I believed it was important for everyone who has a vote to use it, no matter what their opinion is. 2010 was frustrating for me as I turned 18 a month after the general election. Since turning 18 though, I have always used my vote. Most recently it was for the council and police election. I will be voting again in a couple of weeks for the EU referendum.