Phase One || Community Action Octant

One: Buy a Big Issue

For me, the Big Issue is an easy and important way someone can support people in their community. I approve of the message in their slogan – “A hand up, not a hand out” – and the way they help people get employment and stability. Because of this,  I buy the Big Issue on a semi-regular bases. I enjoy the articles and the fact that it gives you information about events in your area.

Two: Shop Independently

Within my city, there is a a feeling that we are going to turn into a clone city and because of this, it is important to me to support independent businesses, so they are not forced to close. The most regular ones I shop in are a comic book store called Final Frontier and a sweet shop called Mr Simms, on top of this,  I try to buy from the Farmer’s Market at least a couple times a month.

Three: Make a Facebook about CFS

I was diagnosed with  Chronic Fatigue syndrome around 10 years ago when I was 14. In that time  I’ve found that there is a lacking of support places for it online, because of this, I made a page on Facebook to raise awareness and give support to other sufferers. It can be found at


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